Blue Making Friends

Australian Shepherds

Our Aussies

Our Australian Shepherds dogs are part of our farm crew located in Newberry, Florida.

Our Aussies are good family dogs.  They are loving and loyal.  They are eager to please and easy to train.  They have an abundance of energy but they are not hyper.

Our Aussies are part of our working homestead.  They help us gather the sheep and cattle in the evening and protect the homestead from marauding squirrels.  They alert us when visitors come and welcome them to the farm.   At night, they guard their home.  Our dogs are registered with the American Stock Dog Association.

We are breeding for dogs with a strong herding instinct.  We want our dogs to be small standards in size.  They need to be of excellent temperament and easy to train.


Blue is our current Sire.  He is a blue merle with beautiful markings and is a small standard.   He is a bold cattle dog, eager to engage the stock.  We are learning to harness his willingness to work stock and to use appropriate persuasion when herding.  He is a “head dog” and does not bark or bite feet when herding.


Bell is our current breeding female. She is a small standard, gentle but always ready to work..